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19 S. LaSalle Street Suite 1400 Chicago, IL 60603 Phone: 312-220-0019 Fax: 312-220-0700
Company Profile

The law firm of Mosher & Associates, LLC has provided legal services tailored to the charitable, religious and philanthropic communities for over thirty years. Located in Chicago, Illinois, we have successfully helped establish more than two thousand tax-exempt organizations worldwide, many of which we continue to work with today. Our specific clients include:

    • public charities (IRC § 501(c)(3))

    • private foundations

    • church and parachurch organizations

    • educational institutions

    • social welfare organizations

    • trade associations

    • social clubs

    • chambers of commerce

    • charitable trusts

    • health care organizations

    • other tax-exempt organizations under §501 of the

       Internal Revenue Code

    • for-profit entities with philanthropic goals

    • supportive housing

Our corporate practice encompasses a wide range of matters including corporate formation, tax-exempt mergers, acquisitions, and multicorporate restructuring. Our tax practice highlights all areas of corporate tax law, federal and state income tax exemption, multistate charitable registration and international matters, state sales and property tax exemption, and litigation associated with challenges to tax-exempt status. We have extensive experience in commercial real estate, estate planning matters associated with charities, and copyright and trademark issues that affect our nonprofit clients. Our employment services include advice and counsel on legal compliance issues, personnel policies, contracts, and clergy issues. For more details on any of these legal services, please see the links under "Legal Services" on the left side of this page.

The firm’s founder, Michael Mosher, strategically developed this law practice to offer specialized legal services for nonprofit charitable, religious and educational organizations. We consider it a privilege and a pleasure to work with so many worthwhile organizations that are making our world a better place. If you are in need of a referral outside our area of expertise, we have a large and competent referral network of attorneys who are sensitive to our clients' needs.


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