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Archive of Previous Nonprofit Updates

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2nd Quarter, 2011 Newsletter

    Form 990: Ten Tips

    L3C's: The Next Hot Ticket

    Water & Sewer Exemptions for Chicago Nonprofits 

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4th Quarter Newsletter for 2010

    TheForm 990: Peacock or Pigeon?

    Zoning News.

    “Qualified Employees” Under the HIRE Act.  

    Proper Trademark Usage 

3rd Quarter Newsletter for 2010

    The Corporate Persona: An Essential Responsibility of theGoverning Board.

    What’s in a Name? Trademark Protection Considerations.

    Speaking of...  

    Illinois Employment Law Update. 

2nd Quarter Newsletter for 2010

    Understanding the Nonforprofit Persona and Why it Matters.

    Insurance Planning.

    Provena: Tougher Standards for Charitable Property Tax Exemptions.

    Volunteer Tax Deductions.

    Employment Tax Credits: Come and Claim Them.

Special Edition, March 31, 2010

1st Quarter Newsletter for 2010

    Disaster Relief Guideliness.

    Building Revenue Through For-Profit Subsidiaries.

    Who is a Minister?

    Form 990 Reporting Thresholds.

    Political Activity Prohibition Continues

    Corporate Notebook Q & A

4th Quarter Newsletter for 2009

    What Do You Owe?  Sales Tax Primer For Non-profits.

    Preparing for Disruptive and Dangerous Persons: Legal Considerations for Keeping Your Premises Safe.

    The Price of Worker Mis-classification.

    Nonprofit Q & A.

3nd Quarter Newsletter for 2009

    As Good as the Paper It’sWritten On...

    Don’t Be Disregarded: Maintaining SeparateNonprofit Corporations

    Lessons Learned From the Madoff Scandal

    It’s Always Tax Time for Employers

    Updating Guidestar Reports

    Do Disability Laws Apply To Houses of Worship?

    Nonprofit Education Opportunities

2nd Quarter Newsletter for 2009

    Volunteer Precautions and Protections

    What’s the Deal? - Essential Contract Considerations

    Abuse Prevention Policies:Caring for the Vulnerable

    Nonprofit Q & A on Whistleblower Liability

    Nonprofit Management Courses

    Real Estate: Space Sharing Agreement Terms

1st Quarter Newsletter for 2009

    Real Estate: Space Sharing for Nonprofits

    Multiple-Entity Structures for Nonprofits

    Upcoming Speaking Engagements

    Stay Tuned!

    Employer Alert: ADA Amendments

    Grant Opportunity for Accessibility Improvements

    Nonprofit Q & A on Gift Acceptance Policies

    Assumed Names for Organizations

4rd Quarter Newsletter for 2008

    Essential Corporate Policies

    Form 990 Board Review

    Payroll Taxes:  Play it Safe

    Transferring Copyright Interests

    Nonprofit Q & A:  What's the Deal With the Corporate Purpose?

    FIN 48 Update

3rd Quarter Newsletter for 2008

    "Founder's Syndrome"  What is It and Is There a Cure?; Non-Resident Alien Income Tax Witholding; FIN 48: Nonprofits Are the New Bait in Town; It's Fair Use!; Nonprofit Q & A

2nd Quarter Newsletter for 2008

Written Employment Contracts: Do You Need Them?  What Do You Include In Them?  About Mosherlaw Nonprofit Update, Tax Issues:  U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens Working Abroad, Board Development:  Conflict Disclosure Policies, An Employer's Guide to Works Made For Hire, New Form 990:  Greater Transparency, Greater Burdens, Have You Heard, Background Checks and Risk Management.  What Do You Do With Questionable Information? Nonprofit Q & A

1st Quarter Newsletter for 2008

Inside this Issue: Board Development: Conflict of Interest, International Grantmaking & Due Diligence, Business Travel or Commuting-What’s the Tax Difference, Copyright Basics, Important Guidelines for Sharing Tax Exempt Space, Nonprofit Q & A: New Form 990-N Reporting Requirements

4th Quarter Newsletter for 2007

Inside this Issue: Earmarked Donations… Are They Deductible?, Raising Funds AcrossState Lines, Church Ministries As Integrated Auxiliaries, Essential Employment Policies, Does Your Property Qualify For Tax Exemption?

3rd Quarter Newsletter for 2007

Inside this Issue: IRS Redesigns Form 990, Sound Fiscal Management Begins with Well-Drafted Corporate Documents, Pitfalls and Penalties of Nonprofit Compensation, Water Exemption Reminder, Do You Have a Parallel Corporation Condition?, Receipt Please!, Keep Reimbursable Expenses Nontaxable, Charge! Charge! Charge!

2nd Quarter Newsletter for 2007

Inside this Issue: IRS Tightens the Reins on Filing IRS Form 990s, IRS Issues Inflation Adjustments for 2007, Property Tax Update: New Ideas (Problems) from Department of Revenue, Helping the Needy: Benevolence Guidelines, Chicago Nonprofits: Water Exemption Clarification, Abuse Allegations: Respond Appropriately

1st Quarter Newsletter for 2007

Inside this Issue: Danger Ahead: Charitable Organizations Participating or Intervening in Political Campaigns, Pension Protection Act Carries Host of Charitable Reforms, Learning to Recognize and Manage UBIT, Recent Publications, Real Estate Tidbit: Annual $1,000 Water Exemptions, Office News


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